Caroline & Marianne

Caroline Gini is a PhD student at Memorial University of Newfoundland, in Canada, where she studies hydrothermal sites and acoustic techniques for seafloor exploration. After completing a bachelor’s degree in geology in Switzerland, she studied volcanic processes at mid-ocean ridges and obtained her Master’s degree at IPGP. Throughout her studies, her passion for seafloor geology brought her far from swiss lakes, to the Atlantic Ocean, from the Equator to the Arctic. She has sailed on board american, french and norwegian research vessels, as well as with industrial partners offhsore Atlantic Canada. For her 6th research cruise, Arc en Sub, Caroline is processing bathymetric data and handling some aspects of cartography. She is thrilled to be able to participate to this research cruise and to discover a new area of the seafloor!

Marianne Avoustin is studying Hydrography and Oceanography at the ENSTA Bretagne engineering school, as well as Marine Geophysics at the European University Institute of the Sea in Brest. She joined the Arc en Sub cruise for her research internship at ENS Paris. On board, she handles the processing of bathymetric data acquired with the AUV, from the planning of AUV and ROV dives to the creation of maps of the explored seabed. This includes communicating with the dive teams to establish acquisition strategies, as well as with the researchers to draw up the geological interpretations of the bathymetry observed for her internship. Passionate about the study of the seabed, she is delighted to participate in this scientific campaign at sea!