Everyone settles in

Friday 6 May – 9.20 am: first meeting.
Muriel announces: “Here we go!”. With Javier, they explain how we are going to work. Everyone is given their shift times. There will be four working groups (although in an oceanographic mission everyone has to help with everything): Cartography, Instrumentation, Rocks, 3D Reconstruction. Then it’s off to the labs…

Opening of the container, loaded in April in Paris and taken down by truck to Toulon for shipment to Ponta Delgada, Azores. The Roches team (Anna, Benoît, Bobbie, Isabelle, Manon and Rémi) is happy to find its saw, a tool that will soon be indispensable.

Kristel installs a GPS antenna on deck 7, which will locate the seismometers that Simon and Milena will call from deck 3, while Jerome unpacks his magnetometer.