Clément, Genavir scientific manager

Clément is in charge of the team that manages the submersibles on board. He tells us about his passion: his job.

“I have been working at Genavir for 23 years. After a DUT in Mechanical and Production Engineering in Aix en Provence and a year of specialisation which included an internship at IFREMER, I discovered the job of the staff who looked after the machines and the trips they made. I liked it! I had the opportunity to apply and I’ve stayed ever since.”

“On board, I am the manager of the team that deals with the underwater vehicles: the ROV Victor 6000 and the AUV IdefX. I coordinate what happens between the mission leaders and the technical teams. I make sure that the vehicles are ready at the right time, when it’s time to leave, and that everything runs smoothly in a professional spirit and in a good atmosphere. Currently, nine people are working with Victor, three with AUV IdefX.”

“On land, I am the technical manager of the ROV Victor 6000: I have this additional role. I’m in charge of all the changes to the machine, I prepare the technical stops with another person and, when missions are being prepared, I have to prepare the shipment of the equipment, organise the work beforehand, make sure that all the tools for operating the machine, all the spares, are present. In short, that all the equipment is ready.”

Clément made the 800th dive of the ROV Victor for Arc en Sub with his team.

“My message to young people? To do a job that is a passion. And I’m lucky enough to do it. It’s often a question of opportunities, chance meetings. You have to believe in it, not be afraid to leave your comfort zone. You have to dare to be adventurous, to think about learning and exploring!”

Clément (with the white helmet) coordinates a recovery operation. He watches over his team, who have gone in a zodiac to look for an OBS that is going to be brought up on the rear deck by the sailors (orange helmets).