Rémi, mechanician/hydraulician

“I’ve been working at Genavir as a mechanic/hydraulic technician for a little over a year. I have a degree in Mechanical and Production Engineering followed by a professional degree in industrial production. In the past, I worked in companies that maintained French army ships. I have always liked working in the naval environment and, a year ago, I had the opportunity to join Genavir. I have already had the chance to work on three operational craft: the Nautile, the ROV Victor and the AUV IdefX. The teams are different, but the professionalism and right mood of people make it possible to experience extraordinary missions despite the distance from one’s family.”

“The work as a mechanician does not stop at tightening bolts, as some might say. No, it is about understanding the functioning of the machines (whether mechanical, electronic or computerised), being assiduous in the various maintenance operations and during the manufacture of parts or the supply of equipment, preparing the machines for launching them and launching them according to specific procedures. And even to be able to pilot them!”

“Arc en Sub is the first mission for which I have the chance to be on watch and therefore to learn to pilot the ROV. I would never have thought, before Genavir, that I would be able to explore the seabed and see these lunar landscapes with my own eyes! When you are far from home and can only rely on your team, it is important to know how to manage at sea. When retrieving moorings or other equipment by zodiac, the ability to adapt is essential when the weather is bad. In this kind of situation, as in many others, as my father would say, “It’s an adventure!”