A multi-skilled team

Genavir’s scientific team, which ensures the operation and maintenance of the submersible devices, is made up of “sedentary” electronics and mechanics technicians in La Seyne Sur Mer. On the boat, after each dive, they clean, repair and equip IdefX and Victor for the next dive: today, Maxime and Wandy are in charge of the AUV, while Anthony, Rémi, Julien and Gil manage the ROV’s pit stop. On the next mission, the team will also be responsible for the Nautile, which is waiting quietly at the back of the hangar.

The electronicians and the mechanicians are also pilots! Tonight, in the control room, Gil and Julien carefully manoeuvre the ROV and its cameras. Clément and Julien operate its arm with precision using a joystick that reproduces all the joints of a human arm. They take the scientists all over the area they want to explore and collect precious samples for them.

Rémi and Anthony prepare Victor’s lift. During the long dives, the lift allows us to increase the sampling capacity: halfway through the dive, we exchange baskets. But if the structure freed from its ballast rises to the surface on its own thanks to its float, it will have to be fetched to recover the fragments of the ocean floor. The team that takes care of the submersibles must be multi-talented.