Kristel & Jean-Arthur

Kristel Chanard is a researcher at the Institut de physique du globe de Paris and the Institut national de l’information géographique et forestière since 2017. Her research focuses on the observation, using data from several satellites, and modelling of interactions between the solid Earth and its fluid envelopes. In particular, she is interested in the deformation of the solid Earth caused by variations in the masses of the atmosphere, continental hydrology and the oceans, and what this deformation can reveal about the materials that make up the Earth’s crust and mantle. Arc en Sub is its first mission at sea. She can be found in the processing room, with her nose in the freshly acquired temperature or bathymetry data, or on a corridor, helping to tighten the bolts of the seismometers. In short, she helps as she can!

Jean-Arthur Olive is a CNRS researcher at the École normale supérieure in Paris since 2018. His work focuses on brittle deformation of the lithosphere at tectonic plate boundaries. He is particularly interested in the faults that shape the seafloor at ridges, as well as the accompanying hydrothermal circulation. Arc en Sub is his fourth mission at sea. In addition to making specialty coffees in the hydrology lab, Jean-Arthur is measuring turbidity anomalies along the path of the AUV to detect new hydrothermal vents. The distribution of vents and the structural interpretation of the Rainbow Massif will allow him to test the hydrothermal convection and detachment fault models developed in his team.