Maxime & Alexandre

Maxime Ferrera is an engineer-researche at Ifremer, on the La Seyne-sur-Mer site. He is an expert in robotic perception and computer vision. His speciality is image processing and optical 3D reconstruction. His mission on board Arc en Sub is to create 3D models of the sites of interest during the dives of the ROV Victor (in post-processing, but also in real time!). In general, Maxime works on the development of new technologies for the robots of the French Oceanographic Fleet (FOF) and regularly participates in technical or scientific test missions on FOF vessels.

Alexandre Schubnel is director of research CNRS at the Geology laboratory of the École normale supérieure in Paris. He is interested in friction, fracturing and the role of mineral phase transitions in the mechanical behaviour of rocks, thanks to tri-axial presses that allow him to reproduce earthquakes in the laboratory. This is his first campaign at sea, so he makes himself useful, cutting rocks, taking photos and squeegeeing the deck.