Julien, submarine pilot!

Julien has been a technician at Genavir since June 2001. He tells us about a job he loves.

“I joined just after school: after a BTS in electronics, a classic technical course. Since then, I’ve had a ‘normal’ evolution in the company. After having worked on different submersibles, I am now in charge of the submarine, the Nautile.”

“On this campaign, I am in charge of a shift on Victor. I am the bridge with the scientists and the boat interface on the programme, the samples, the steering of the vessel, with a partner. In addition to the piloting, we are involved in the technical maintenance of the vessel, the preparation and the scientific equipment to be installed on the submarine. There is good progress and a good understanding with the scientific part on the campaign and in the shift.”

“It has become a passion, even if the sea and navigation were not necessarily so at the beginning. I am from Toulon, in South of France, and I discovered it in the local newspaper! We have very constructive exchanges that allow us to evolve within a large community, both on a scientific and human level, thanks to the ship’s sailors. We see a lot of countries because we sail all over the place. You shouldn’t be afraid to leave your parents’ home and discover the world. That’s really what we’re doing!”

“A bit like the people who are lucky enough to go into space, we can go underwater. We may not have as many resources as the people who go into space… but what happens at the bottom of the sea is just as beautiful and exciting!”