Marine, ship’s doctor

Marine is the doctor on board the Pourquoi Pas ? She tells us about her experience.

“This is my second mission on board. The first one was in February. It was quite short, it was a bit of a test. This is a slightly longer mission, it’s new for me.”

“I am an emergency doctor. We are a bit of all-terrain doctors, we do a lot of things: I am in the emergency room, the SAMU, the SMUR. It allows me to meet people who do a lot of other activities and I heard about the work of a ship’s doctor by discussing experiences with slightly older emergency physicians. And then I come from a sailing family in Brittany. My parents had a boat, so it’s an environment I know. In any case, I am familiar with it. And I wanted to be able to combine the two.”

“I have office hours so that people come to see me for a consultation, because otherwise I can see that they don’t dare to bother me. So I consult a bit in the morning and in the afternoon. I mainly deal with minor traumatology, linked to work accidents, such as wounds, contusions and workstation-related injuries, tendonitis, etc. And then, with the second captain, we do exercises with the crew, first aid or stretcher-bearing. I take care of all the medical problems that can happen on board for all the personnel.”

“You have to remember that when you choose a career path, there are always billions of things to do and you shouldn’t hesitate to go off the beaten track and try atypical experiences because you will be enriched enormously and it’s satisfying!”