Two mission leaders

The Arc en Sub campaign is a project with two heads: Muriel Andreani and Javier Escartin.
Two great mission leaders!

Muriel Andreani is a professor of geology at the Claude Bernard University in Lyon, where she teaches petrology, tectonics and marine geology. Her research activities take place at the Geology Laboratory of Lyon and include experimental work to better understand natural hydrogen emissions, non-biological organic carbon formation, and carbon dioxide storage. She is co-leader of the Arc en Sub expedition, which aims to understand the tectonic structure, geology and links between surface hydrothermal vents and the deep magma system.

Javier Escartin is a research director at CNRS and a professor at ENS Paris. His research focuses on tectonics, volcanology and hydrothermalism along ocean ridges. His research is mainly based on oceanographic expeditions, with autonomous and remotely operated underwater robots, to map and conduct high resolution geological studies. He also teaches tectonics and marine geosciences at ENS Paris.  He is co-leader of the Arc en Sub expedition, one of which objectives is to carry out high-resolution mapping of the area in order to decipher its tectonic history, the link with hydrothermal activity, and to know the distribution of deep-sea magma.